In the markets for automatic data capture and industrial automation, Datalogic is a world leader in technology. The company is focused on creating and manufacturing bar code readers, mobile computers, sensors for detection, measurement, and safety, RFID, vision, and laser marking systems.

Its state-of-the-art solutions aid in improving the effectiveness and standard of procedures in the manufacturing, retail, transportation & logistics, and healthcare sectors.

With 50 years of professional struggles and industry dominance behind it, Datalogic continues to streamline its structure in order to reveal the future. Datalogic understands how to modify its structure to meet the changing requirements of the target industries since it has always foreseen and followed the development of automatic data capture and industrial automation.

It has sales offices spread out over the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Australia to help you with your data gathering needs. This is done to give you devoted support. Please address your inquiries to the Datalogic location specifically designated to assist you in order to speed up the response to your request.