For any project requiring measurement technology, WIKA has been a reputable partner and capable specialist for more than 75 years. Innovative technologies are used to create new products and system solutions with continually increasing efficiency. The main contributing aspects to WIKA’s success in the global market have been the products’ dependability and willingness to meet all market problems.

There are currently over 10,200 people working for the WIKA Group who are committed to maintaining and advancing technology in the disciplines of flow measurement, calibration, and SF6 gas solutions. The sales department’s more than 1,500 skilled workers successfully partner with clients and consumers in consultation. More than 300 engineers and technicians are constantly looking for new product ideas, better materials, and efficient production techniques. Solutions are created in close collaboration with reputable colleges, institutes, and industrial businesses.

“Think locally, act globally” The WIKA Group today consists of 43 subsidiaries after the first one was established in 1960. Modern production facilities, maintenance facilities, installation tools, and teams for extra services are among them. They are all present in all important markets. Numerous sales agencies all over the world also represent WIKA. The portfolio is constantly being expanded through smart acquisitions in order to provide the clients with a wide selection of products.