LS ELECTRIC has been working to better boost core businesses and secure next-generation growth engines as a holistic solution supplier for smart power and automation. In particular, we are focusing resources on R&D to provide leadership in the smart energy and factory markets and to proactively respond to rapidly growing digital revolutions. In order to do this, a system has been designed to improve R&D productivity, increasing corporate performance and efficiency. In addition to having research and development facilities in Anyang, Cheongju, Cheonan, and Busan, Korea, LS ELECTRIC also operates a Wuxi, China plant that serves as a research and development and production facility.

To support its manufacturing sites and foster engineering synergy, LS ELECTRIC maintains R&D facilities at four domestic locations (Anyang, Cheongju, Cheonan, and Busan) and one international location (Wuxi, close to Shanghai, China). To increase R&D competitiveness, we also run the first Power Testing & Technology Institute in the sector.