One of the top international instrumentation engineering companies, the KOBOLD Messring GmbH is focused on monitoring, measuring, and controlling the physical quantities of flow through, pressure, level, and temperature.

We provide our customers with a wide range of services and equipment that can be installed and utilized in several industrial production plants across the world since we are professionals in the field of industrial measuring and control equipment. We have a stellar reputation throughout the world because to our high-quality “Made in Germany” products and our quick and flexible adaptation to the needs of our clients. We are the best option if you’re seeking for a reliable and adaptable partner in the measurement and control equipment industry. We have established ourselves as a dependable partner for industries all over the world as a result of our extensive experience and global operations.

Our provided technical solutions can be applied in numerous industrial sectors and are quick and simple to integrate into a variety of industrial systems. The measurement and threshold values of our sensors and analytical instruments can be easily incorporated into various systems and monitored by these systems by the use of various measuring transmitters. Integration into the majority of well-known and widely-used systems is possible right out of the factory thanks to internationally renowned BUS interfaces. We also provide comprehensive industrial measuring and control technology, which enables the automation and functionalization of a number of processes. Complex industrial processes can be optimally automated and customized to the highest standards thanks to our measuring and control technologies.

Kobold Messring GmbH has created a number of flow sensors and flow meters that can be used in a variety of working conditions to monitor the flow rates in industrial facilities or to evaluate the composition of the liquid flowing through. These flow sensors and flow meters can be optimized for a wide range of liquids, gases, temperatures, solutions, pressure ratios, and flow rates due to the employment of a wide variety of materials and diverse physical measurement methods. As a result, each application area can find the appropriate solution.

Monitoring fill levels is a crucial issue for both liquids and bulk solids in the context of industrial process automation. Within a certain tolerance range, Kobold Messring GmbH’s float switches and level indicators operate with high reliability. Level indicators and level sensors can be employed in environments with highly polluted fluids as well as a variety of liquids and conditions. A measuring transducer and a BUS interface can be used to integrate the level indication data into the various control and monitoring systems, or it can be read straight from the display.

The Kobold Messring GmbH has swiftly become a leader in the field of plant pressure measuring and monitoring. A wide range of plants all around the world utilize various pressure gauges because of their dependability and narrow measurement tolerances. Pressure gauges can be utilized for both pressure monitoring and pressure-dependent process and plant control. Numerous industrial operations in the sector can be reliably pressure-controlled automated thanks to contemporary and useful pressure switches. Since a system overpressure may be reliably recognized and corrected by the pressure measuring devices and pressure switches, this is not only a way to optimize the process but also, in many situations, a way to ensure safety.