Although nothing in today’s dynamic distribution centers (DCs) is predictable, contemporary automation technologies can handle almost every warehouse task. At each crucial stage of your production, Honeywell Intelligrated works assiduously to provide the best possible mix of automation and human resources.

The essential conduits for moving, guiding, and routing product flows through busy manufacturing and fulfillment settings are sortation and conveyor systems. While sortation systems separate products for induction into discrete lanes normally connected with an outward destination, conveyors are still necessary for transferring product from one section of a plant to another. A completely functional material handling solution frequently consists of several different kinds of sortation and conveyor systems coupled together.

  • To keep up with increased order volumes and SKU proliferation, increase throughput.
  • Increase order accuracy to reduce processing of returns
  • Create cross-docking procedures to reduce the need for storage and handling
  • To save shipping costs and accelerate deliveries, use zone-skipping techniques.
  • Automate palletizing processes at the end of the line in manufacturing environments.
  • To increase automation, integrate with warehouse execution systems.