AECO SENSORS invests in innovation to offer an increasingly technologically-advanced product which is in step with the state of current and future Industrial Automation, whilst also supporting in-house research to increase the offering of new products, drawing inspiration from know-how acquired throughout more than 40 years of experience in the field of automation sensors.

Design and Production of innovative sensor solutions for Industrial Automation.

It is not sufficient to have top-notch items; they must also be broadly accessible. Because of this, Aeco has a presence in more than 50 nations and employs a successful distribution strategy to reach businesses engaged in every aspect of manufacturing.

Aeco’s purpose is founded on the idea of product customization to fulfill technological and dimensional requirements in the most diversified sensor applications in the automation industry, in addition to the regular manufacture of basic sensors.
The sensor is created by the Aeco design team, who customize it to the client’s needs and collaborate with them to discover the most suitable form and functionality.