The Kimo Electronic Pvt Ltd. company was founded in 1997/98 and is a member of the Emco Group. It is accredited by ISO 9000. It produces electronic motor soft starters ranging in power from 0.25 kW to 50,000 kW (50 mW) and up to 15,000 volts or 15 kV.

The program incorporates motor drives and sensors with encoders.

For the purpose of selling, marketing, promoting, servicing, and calibrating instruments for HVAR, R, compressed air, process automation, electrical and instrumentation professionals, as well as for solar power projects, the company has developed a Test and Measurement Division.

Leading industrial measurement instrument distributor in India is Kimo Instruments. For several industries, we have been providing a broad range of measurement and testing equipment. Each of our items satisfies industry standards, and we are glad to say that. As a result, we can offer measuring tools of the highest quality that satisfy customer needs.

You can get industrial measurement tools and equipment from Kimo that provide more efficiency. Our technologies are built to reduce CO2 emissions and combat climate change.

We are technology-driven. The need of the hour is for measurement tools that are cutting edge, precise, and simple to use while providing exceptional performance. Our devices provide digital data that is sought for in both urban areas and rural areas.

Kimo Instruments put forth a lot of effort to make sure that our products are of the highest caliber and deliver consistent performance. Get in touch with us if you’re looking for trustworthy and effective industrial measurement equipment because we’re prepared to change the game.

An important change brought about by new technologies. The convergence of a variety of new technologies—traditional and developing, physical and digital, large and small—will result in a 21st-century industrial network that will enable the realization of novel and beneficial consequences for people and the environment.

Leading this shift and collaborating with our clients to co-create the future of electronic test and measurement, Kimo Electronics and Emco Group offers industry professionals secure, effective, dependable, and cost-effective solutions to help them achieve their goals.