KELLER Pressure; Your Swiss Pressure Sensing Specialist.

Hannes W. Keller, the creator of the integrated silicon measuring cell, founded KELLER Pressure in 1974, making it a global leader in the manufacture of isolated pressure transducers and transmitters. His sons Tobias and Michael Keller currently oversee the company. 480 people work for the purely family-owned business.
It has a deep sense of pride for its native Switzerland. Most of our staff are employed in its headquarters, which is also where value is added. As a result, all products display the “Made in Switzerland” quality mark and represent the Swiss ideals of excellence, usability, and dependability.

The Jestetten-based KELLER Gesellschaft für Druckmesstechnik mbH and KELLER Druckmesstechnik AG are both ISO 9001-certified companies. This indicates that we can fully link our measured values to national standards.

It is represented in a lot of places throughout the world due to the company’s global operations. You will always get guidance in your native tongue because we are dedicated to giving our customers the best service possible. In Europe, Asia, South America, and the USA, has 10 locations. Our branches in other nations are also supported by a number of representatives and distributors.

KELLER manufactures more than 1,3 million premium measuring cells annually. At our Winterthur headquarters, where we perform all of the production of the various parts, calibration of the sensor, and final inspection of the finished product, we establish our value chain from beginning to end. Customers can be confident they are getting recognized Swiss quality because all items are “Made in Switzerland.”